Cookies Policy

Cookies policy is a feature that is used on almost all sites and our Online Betting in Bangladesh site is not an exception. We use them to make your experience on our site more convenient. On this page, you can realize what cookies are and how we use them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are special digital files, which are saved to your computer automatically every time you visit a partiсular site. They don’t work as some storage of information, so they don’t harm your computer and other files at all. Your personal data including passwords and bank details are strongly protected and we don’t have access to them.

Cookies are used only for improving the work of the site by figuring out what features suit its customers more. Moreover, our partners providing advertisements also process the information from cookies to advertise only the products you are interested in.

How do cookies work?

As we have mentioned, once you visit our site, the cookies are saved on your device automatically and the second other times you go to our site they won’t be saved once more. They are kept on your computer all the time but you can delete them manually. Thus, if you, for example, choose a certain language of the site, cookies will help us to save this information and provide you with this language in the future without switching it every time.

For what reasons do we use cookies?

The main purpose of our cookies’ usage is the improvement of our site’s services. However, let’s consider the reasons in more detail:

  • Improvement of technical site’s features by removal of the mistakes you face;
  • Help our partners that spread some advertisements on our site by informing them about your preferences;
  • Identity of your computer to remember your preferences and offer them in the future;
  • Providing our live chat with you.

The instruction of blocking cookies

If you don’t want us to use your cookies, you can block them at any moment. Just follow the instructions written below but remember that the procedure in diverse browsers differs.

  • Google Chrome. In the security settings of the browser, click on the “Cookies and Other Site Data”, then click on the “Block all cookies button”.
  • Microsoft Edge. In the settings, choose the Permissions, then Cookies, and block them. There is another option – to add the link on the site, the cookies of which you want to block in a special field.
  • Firefox. In the options of the browser, click on the Tools and then on the Options. After this, choose the Privacy section and remove cookies here.
  • Safari. In the security settings of Safari, check the tick on the Block Third Party and Advertising Cookies.

Thus, without your cookies, we won’t be able to receive the information about your site’s movements and make your experience on our site a lot more convenient.

Our cookie policy updates

We recommend you check this page regularly to be aware of all the updates connected with our terms, which may influence your privacy.