10Cric Account Registration and Verification in Bangladesh

The 10Cric is quite popular among sports betting enthusiasts in the country. This is largely due to the bonus offer for customers. It is 200% for the first deposit of any newcomer!
To receive this bonus, it is necessary to register. However, this process often raises some questions for users. Let’s take a closer look at the sign-up process and find out how to complete the 10Cric verification.

The company is very popular among sports betting enthusiasts in the country, the reason for this is an incredibly large bonus program that offers 200% on the first deposit for new users.

10Cric Registration

Despite the many questions clients have, the process of creating an account on 10Cric is super easy. It involves just a few simple moves.


Go to the Website

Despite the many questions clients have, the process of creating an account on 10Cric is super easy. It involves just a few simple moves.

If you do not know how to create an account in 10Cric, then our article will help you do it, start by going to the official website, you can do this using the link above.

Open a Registration Form

You can open a basic form on the home page of the organisation’s website. Click on the yellow “Join now” button. The 10Cric registration panel will appear on your device display. It is composed of three sub-tabs.

Then you can go to the registration form, just click on “Join now” in the header of the bookmaker.

Fill the Information

In the first sub-panel enter the details that 10Cric Bangladesh needs: sex, full name, date of birth and email address. Switch to the second sub-tab and also fill in the details: choose your country (Bangladesh included in the list), enter your phone number and give your full home address. In the third sub-panel, think of a nickname for the future account and a unique password – these must meet some of the requirements of 10Cric. Also do not forget to specify the currency of the created account. Confirm the captcha and accept some of the company’s rules.

Enter information about yourself, they must be reliable and may also be required to enter your account in the future.


Immediately after registering, it is possible to save your account. This option allows the user not to have to sign in to the account a second time. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to log in to the created profile. The details you have given to the bookmaker and the password can be used to re-enter the account.

Fill your details that you used during registration to log into your account.

10Cric Registration in the App

Many customers prefer to use not only the company’s website but also the official 10Cric app. Therefore, registration can also be done via it. 

  1. Visit the organisation’s homepage and download the app using a link. For this purpose, go to the bottom of the website and find the ’10Cric App Information’ tab. Follow the instructions and install the app on your device;
  2. Open the downloaded software;
  3. Start the registration procedure by clicking on the appropriate button;
  4. Complete the 10Cric registration form that is displayed;
  5. When you have finished entering the personal details, press the “Create my account” to sign up.

If a user has previously created an account on the 10Cric website, it can be accessed via the app immediately after downloading. 

Most users prefer to place bets directly on their smartphone through the app, which also allows you to create an account.

10Cric Account Verification

Post-registration 10Cric verification is also an important process. The company conducts the procedure to prevent fraud and cheating. 

It should be noted that funds held in an unverified account cannot be withdrawn. Therefore to withdraw funds, it is necessary to go through identification.

10Cric verification requires the client to upload some photos of certain documents of good quality. JPG, JPEG, PNG and PDF image formats are acceptable for this purpose. 

The documents the user sends to the company must contain confirmation of the information which was entered during the 10Cric registration. It could be:

  • Passport; 
  • NID card;
  • Driving licence;
  • Bank statement;
  • Other documents (the full list can be found on the organisation’s website).
Checking after registration is a necessary condition in order to prevent fraud attempts.

10Cric Welcome Bonuses

The bonus offer is what users are most interested in joining 10Cric Bangladesh. It is 200% on a new customer’s first deposit. 

When you make a deposit from BDT 1,000 to 20,000, you’ll get a great bonus, which increases your funds by 3 times! In addition, on a deposit of 10,000 Takas and more, additional bonus funds will be credited to your account. See the table for clarity. 

Deposited fundsBonus amountAdditional bonusTotal account sum
BDT 1,000BDT 2,000BDT 3,000
BDT 2,500BDT 5,000BDT 7,500
BDT 5,000BDT 10,000BDT 15,000
BDT 10,000BDT 20,000BDT 1,000BDT 31,000
BDT 15,000BDT 30,000BDT 1,500BDT 36,500
BDT 20,000BDT 40,000BDT 2,000BDT 62,000


Can I withdraw the bonus money immediately after my first deposit?

To withdraw the bonus you must first wager it. This process requires that you make several bets on events with odds of 1.6 and above.

Is there any commission on a 10Cric deposit?

No, all deposit payments are instant and free to the player. Withdrawals will take a few minutes, but no fees will be charged to the gambler.

Is 10Cric registration available for everyone?

Yes, anyone can register, but there is an exception. The age requirement to create an account with an organisation is 18 years old. Registration is not allowed under this age.

Can I set up multiple 10Cric accounts?

Unfortunately, it is not allowed by 10Cric Bangladesh. If multiple accounts are found to be active by the same person, all of them would be instantly blocked and balances would be frozen. This policy is enforced by the organisation to keep the game clean.


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